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Chris Creamer's Sports Logos Page - SportsLogos.Net - FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Chris Creamer's Sports Logos Page - SportsLogos.Net

Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting the site with any questions or requests, please consult the list of frequently asked questions found below. Due to the amount of e-mail the site receives we are not likely to respond to any question covered here in the FAQ.

What's the purpose of this site?
SportsLogos.Net is a virtual museum dedicated to the past, present, and future of graphic design in the world of sports. We love to show how graphic styles have changed over time from logos to uniforms to general team marketing materials like pocket schedules and media guides. SportsLogos.Net has no official affiliation with any of the leagues or teams you see on the site here so we're not able to grant anyone permission to use these graphics for commercial purposes. If you're looking to produce merchandise using team logos you must contact the league or the team, acquire permission, and request logos from the club itself before doing so. We're sorry but we cannot provide graphics for these purposes, we hope you understand.

Can you send me a vector/higher resolution version of a logo?
Sorry but due to the high amount of counterfeiters doing business on-line I will not be supplying any vector versions of logos or images you see on these pages, nor will I supply any other higher resolution image. If you are, for example, a member of the media who legitimately requires a vector version for on-air or publication purposes please contact the league or team directly with your request.

Are you planning on adding any (insert league or sport here) logos?
The goal is to archive as many sports logos and uniforms as possible here on SportsLogos.Net. Naturally the priority is to be as complete as possible for the major North American sports leagues but as those sections get more and more complete we will start adding the more obscure leagues and teams from around the world. All I can say is please be patient, we're trying our best to get to it.

Why aren't all the current English Premier League logos on the site?
Unfortunately a good majority of the EPL club teams were against being listed on a site which "was clearly designed with North American sports in mind", I didn't quite understand it either but after defending our position I ultimately respected their wishes. Not all the clubs objected, you can find their graphics on the site still.

Why does a certain team have a wrong inaugural season date listed?
The year you see listed on a particular team is the season that team played their first season in that league with that name. Yes, the Buffalo Bills have been around since 1960, however they weren't in the NFL until 1970 which is why they're listed as "since 1970" on the NFL page. Same goes for teams like the Milwaukee Brewers in the NL and the Edmonton Oilers in the NHL. Teams like the Miami Marlins, Anaheim Ducks, and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will display their first season using those new names, you can find the old names in the "Teams of the Past" sections of each league.

Is there a reason why I can't right-click on any of the NCAA logos?
This was at the request of the NCAA, in order to keep their logos a part of our virtual museum here I had to eliminate the option to right-click on all their graphics.

I have a logo you're missing, can I send it to you?
If it's a nice clear image that's a decent resolution, absolutely! We'd love to have it here. Please send us a message using our contact form with the details and if it's something we need then we'll get back to you with the information on how to send it in.

What happened to the Almanac and Champions sections?
They are temporarily gone but not forgotten, both sections will be back - we just didn't get them ready in time for the launch of the new design of the site. Stay tuned!

Why are there advertisements on the site?
I have always been strongly against running ads on the website however they are a necessary evil in today's online world. Due to the popularity of the website, message boards, and news section we have had to substantially upgrade the servers required to keep the site running. We apologize if they ever interfere with your experience browsing the website but again we hope you understand why they need to be there.

Can you send me a certain logo?
If you don't see it here on this website then unfortunately I don't have it, either that or there's a reason why it's not on the site yet (such as it's yet to be unveiled officially by the club). Just stay tuned to see that logo up on the site when the time comes.

What's the story with the forums/message board/community?
Chris Creamer's Sports Logos Community or the "CCSLC" has been up and running since 1999 and can be found here. It is a very large gathering of like-minded folk that just love to talk about sports, logos, uniforms, and most other design-related subjects. There are also fantasy leagues, fan design concepts, contests, and many other fun happenings in there. We welcome all to join and participate!

I signed up for the community, why can't I post or do anything?
First make sure you have followed the validation instructions in the email that was sent to you following registration. If you do not see the email try your junk mail or wait a few minutes for it to appear. If it still isn't there, give us a shout in the contact form and let us know. If after you've validated your account you still cannot post new topics or use the PM system this is a method we added to both reduce the amount of SPAM we were getting on the message boards and to keep users from registering for the purposes of just making a single request only to never return. You need to participate in other threads and make a few responses before your account is able to start new topics and use other features.