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NHL Logos - National Hockey League Logos - Chris Creamer's Sports Logos Page - SportsLogos.Net

National Hockey League Logos

The National Hockey League was born out of a series of disputes between the owners of four National Hockey Association clubs and Eddie Livingstone, the owner of the Toronto Blueshirts. Instead of resolving their disputes the four other owners left the NHA and formed the new National Hockey League in 1917 with a new league-owned temporary team in Toronto to replace Livingstone's Blueshirts. The teams of the inaugural NHL season consisted of the Montreal Canadiens, Montreal Wanderers, Ottawa Senators, and the Toronto Hockey Club. For the first decade of it's existance, the NHL competed for it's coveted Stanley Cup championship prize with two other leagues, the Pacific Coast Hockey Association, and the Western Canada Hockey League. The NHL took complete ownership of the Cup in 1947.

While relocation and expansion occurred frequently in its early years, the NHL is famous for its "Original Six" period which spanned from 1942 through 1967, despite only one of those clubs, the Canadiens, actually being an original league team. Along with the Canadiens, the Boston Bruins, Chicago Black Hawks, Detroit Red Wings, New York Rangers, and Toronto Maple Leafs all belong to this historical and traditional group of franchises. In 1967 the NHL doubled in size by adding six expansion teams and rapidly grew from there adding two more teams in each of the 1971, 1973, and 1975 seasons. A merger with the World Hockey Association added four in 1979 and further expansion took place throughout the 1990s when nine additional teams joined the fold. The Montreal Canadiens are the all-time leaders in Stanley Cup championships having won 24, the Toronto Maple Leafs come in second with 11.

National Hockey League Team Logos

Anaheim Ducks since 2006/07
Arizona Coyotes since 2014/15
Boston Bruins since 1924/25
Buffalo Sabres since 1970/71
Calgary Flames since 1980/81
Carolina Hurricanes since 1997/98
Chicago Blackhawks since 1986/87
Colorado Avalanche since 1995/96
Dallas Stars since 1993/94
Detroit Red Wings since 1932/33
Edmonton Oilers since 1979/80
Florida Panthers since 1993/94
Los Angeles Kings since 1967/68
Minnesota Wild since 2000/01
Montreal Canadiens since 1917/18
Nashville Predators since 1998/99
New Jersey Devils since 1982/83
New York Islanders since 1972/73
New York Rangers since 1926/27
Ottawa Senators since 1992/93
Philadelphia Flyers since 1967/68
Pittsburgh Penguins since 1967/68
San Jose Sharks since 1991/92
St. Louis Blues since 1967/68
Tampa Bay Lightning since 1992/93
Toronto Maple Leafs since 1926/27
Vancouver Canucks since 1970/71
Washington Capitals since 1974/75
Winnipeg Jets since 2011/12

National Hockey League Teams of the Past Logos

Mighty Ducks of Anaheim 1993/94 - 2005/06
Atlanta Flames 1972/73 - 1979/80
Atlanta Thrashers 1999/00 - 2010/11
California Golden Seals 1970/71 - 1975/76
Chicago Black Hawks 1926/27 - 1985/86
Cleveland Barons 1976/77 - 1977/78
Colorado Rockies 1976/77 - 1981/82
Detroit Cougars 1926/27 - 1929/30
Detroit Falcons 1930/31 - 1931/32
Hamilton Tigers 1920/21 - 1924/25
Hartford Whalers 1979/80 - 1996/97
Kansas City Scouts 1974/75 - 1975/76
Minnesota North Stars 1967/68 - 1992/93
Montreal Maroons 1924/25 - 1937/38
New York Americans 1925/26 - 1940/41
Oakland Seals 1967/68 - 1969/70
Ottawa Senators 1917/18 - 1933/34
Phoenix Coyotes 1996/97 - 2013/14
Pittsburgh Pirates 1925/26 - 1929/30
Quebec Nordiques 1979/80 - 1994/95
Toronto St. Patricks 1919/20 - 1926/27
Winnipeg Jets 1979/80 - 1995/96